Clean Home, Clear Head

Keeping an organized and clean home has a positive impact on our mental outlook and even our physical well-being. Clearing clutter from our residence ultimately helps to clear “cluttered” thoughts from our mind, freeing up space for clear thoughts. Laying down at night with a clear mind leads to a much better night’s sleep, which is crucial for good health. Research has shown that an orderly home leads to better nutritional habits and the physical activity required to maintain a clean home, contributes to being physically fit. Having an orderly foundation, means we spend less time looking for lost items, and more time on more important things. Cleaning our home regularly also keeps dust and contaminants at bay which can lead to allergies and illness. Having a tidy home is a practice with numerous benefits that can help improve our lives.


Routine is key in keeping a clean and organized home. Once that is established, it takes less overall time. Simple steps like making the bed every morning and not leaving dirty dishes to accumulate have a visible impact that can keep us motivated. Spending a half hour to an hour a day doing the basics – dishes, a load of laundry, a quick surface dusting or vacuum can keep a home clean in a very efficient and effective manner. Knowing a home is cared for, naturally makes a person feel better.

Increase Productivity

Having an orderly foundation to work from, that is free of distracting clutter, means you save time and can accomplish more work and enjoy other activities. Being more productive means you can finish tasks and then move on to other things like spending time with family, relaxing, exercising, making nutritious meals and ensuring you have enough time for proper sleep.

Mood and Home

In 2009, the Society for Personality and Social Psychology found a link between the state of a person’s home and their mood. Those who described their home as cluttered or unfinished experienced more stress and cortisol present in their brains than those who described their home as restful and restorative.

Benefitting Body and Mind

Indiana University found that people who were more physically active had cleaner homes. And the physical activity definitely has to do with what it takes to keep a clean home. Further, they determined that cleaning helped keep the body healthy through release of excess energy and toxins and also improved blood circulation.

Indoor Air Quality and Physical Health

Today’s homes are definitely built tighter and as a result, especially in winter months when they are closed up, seal in and circulate a lot of the same air. The US EPA has said indoor air quality can often be more contaminated than outdoor air quality.

If a home is not kept clean, the indoor air quality can plummet leading to allergies and illness. Pet dander, mold and dust mites can accumulate and lead to health problems.

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