Creating an Efficient Kitchen

The kitchen really is the heart of the home. It is where we share nutritional sustenance, bond around a table to talk about our day and share stories, and where kids color or do homework at a counter while mom or dad prepare dinner. An efficient kitchen can promote smooth functioning through your entire household. For the kitchen to work for your family, it needs to work for the person who is the primary cook and person who maintains the space. And that is different for every family and its unique lifestyle.

Organize and Streamline

Young families especially need an organized and streamlined kitchen that easily meets its needs for fast meals and preparation of daily lunches that get toted off to school. Get rid of excess food, appliances and gadgets, and stick to what meets your lifestyle day to day. Trying to make your kitchen something your lifestyle is not will only lead to frustration.

Make sure there is a space where kids can keep you company, coloring or crafting, while you prepare food. This is a great opportunity to connect and hear about their day at school. This is not a stage in their life when you need to be focused on a formal dining table. Kids need a casual space that can handle a mess.

Clear your counters of unused appliances that are rarely used and replace with the ones that reflect how you live – like the waffle and pancake maker, and microwave or toaster ovens.

How You Cook

Are you raising small children with barely enough time to throw a meal together as you rush to keep up with diapers and laundry? Or are your kids teens and a little more independent with more advanced palates, eager to try your gourmet recipe attempts? A kitchen needs to grow and evolve with the family it serves – so make sure your kitchen is set up to match and meet the needs of your family at any given time. Remember the famous peg board fashioned by Julia Child’s husband so she could have her prized pots, pans and kitchen tools within easy reach? That was not a fancy option for a famous French chef and could have easily hung over a work table in a garage for tools, but it served its purpose. An easy over head rack can also keep your go-to pots and pans within an arm’s reach.

Path of Least Resistance

Forget about trends. Create a kitchen triangle with easy access between the refrigerator, sink and stove for ease of preparation and cooking. Ease of access from multiple points is the name of the game here. Follow the path of least resistance and it will save you time and energy.

Storage That Works

Get creative about where and how you store items to maximize space and decrease the time and energy it takes to retrieve items like baking supplies, herbs and spices, and kid’s snacks. An organized pantry space, or supplemental floor or counter storage can work wonders.

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