Dark Wood vs. Light Wood Flooring: Which One Should You Choose?

Designing your home is one decision after another, and flooring is one of the big ones. Once you choose the type of flooring – carpet, tile, wood, laminate, etc. – you still need to pick the color.

If you’ve chosen wood floors, good for you! They are gorgeous, fit a variety of decors, and are long-lasting. How, then, do you decide between a light tone and a dark tone? Here are some pointers to help guide your floor color choice.

When to Choose a Light Tone

  • The room has little natural light. Rooms with small windows or heavy curtains can feel dark and unwelcoming. Dark floors won’t help. Light floors reflect the available light and create a brighter, more pleasing space.
  • You have pets. Animal hair and muddy paw prints show up more on darker floors, no matter how much you sweep. Opt for a lighter floor, and those issues won’t be as noticeable.
  • Your decor is casual and relaxed. Lighter-toned wood flooring is perfect when creating a laid-back vibe like a beach condo or cottage. Paired with bright walls, a light floor can make a beautiful statement.

When to Choose a Dark Tone

  • You’re going for elegance. A more formal, regal home needs darker floors. They set off the richness of the other furnishings and add class and sophistication to any space.
  • It’s a larger space. Big, open spaces may feel cold, and darker floors, especially when they are paired with warm walls, create a cozy, inviting room. They also give extra texture to big areas that pleases the eye.

While these pointers can assist you in deciding whether to go with dark or light wood floors, it comes down to your specific space and your personal preference. Check out several colors and consider how each of them would mesh with the wall color and furniture you plan to use. And don’t stress, you will no doubt end up loving your decision. Visit C.A. Jones’ idea gallery for inspiration on all your home design choices.

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