Designing a Kid’s Room to Meet Their Needs as They Grow

Time really does seem to fly when you are raising children. They grow up so fast – if you could get them to stand in one place for more than a few minutes, you could almost see them grow before your eyes. Any parent who has bought swiftly changing sizes of clothes and shoes, can attest to this. Keeping their bedroom current and relevant as children age can be a challenge but sticking to some guidelines can help keep them happy with their personal space without your furniture and decorating ideas breaking the bank.

Invest in Classic Furniture

Forget setting up a nursery that will be quickly outgrown once your child is a toddler. Instead, invest in some timeless, classic pieces from the outset that will continue to serve your children until they are ready to fly the coop. A timeless chest of drawers can be used by kids of all ages. As they mature, you may add to the “suite” with new classic pieces, such as a full bed. Avoid trends and furniture chosen for specific ages that will not stand the test of time.

Also, choose multifunctional, flexible furnishings which are becoming more widely available and can see your child through many ages.

Let Them Choose

You can make their room age through the years with appropriate accessories and décor. And keeping them happy with their space can be as easy as enlisting their help along the way. Let them choose color variations and decorative themes when it comes to outfitting the room, so they get a sense of ownership.

Storage Solutions

As kids grow, their belongings change and also increase in size and quantity; from clothing and toys to sporting equipment and musical instruments. Look for storage solutions that can accommodate each stage of growth and the accompanying items. Classic canvas totes, colored cubes, and baskets are suitable for different ages.

Add Pops of Color with Paint and Wall Coverings

Nothing changes the appearance of a youngster’s bedroom faster than paint or wall paper. Changing one wall every couple of years, especially if it’s just paint, will help reflect their evolving personality and keep their space relevant.

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