Emergency Preparedness in Your New Home

Recent increases in natural disasters have created a need to ensure your family is prepared in the event of such an occurrence or even just a storm that strips you of power for an extended period of time. Make sure you are ready to handle any weather-related emergency that comes your way by preparing. Enroll your family in creating a plan, so you’re all in alignment on what actions to take and make sure each member has a copy of it. Go shopping together so you all understand what items will be included and allow each member to choose some personal items to their likings – such as a particular snack or personal items that will calm children.

What You Need

It is recommended that your family be prepared with an emergency kit that provides everything they will need for three days in the event you need to evacuate your home. These kits or bags need to be easily accessible and able to be grabbed at a moment’s notice as you depart your home. Food, water and other requirements and suggestions can be found at the American Red Cross website as well as through the federal government’s preparedness site.

Visit the above website where you can find details on the food items needed, as well as other emergency resources like radios, flashlights, first aid, batteries, wipes and basic tools.

Should there be a natural disaster and your family is stuck at home, a 10-day supply of food, water and other items is recommended to make sure you are all safe, nutritionally-sustained, warm and have sanitary basics. Again, this larger kit should be in a known location where it is easily accessible to all family members.

Personal Items and Pet

Make sure each family member knows they need to take their medications with them in the case that you need to leave your home. Also, don’t forget your pets! Many shelters will accommodate house pets in emergencies, along with family members. But you need to make sure you have food, water, medications and any other necessary items for them as well.

Chargers and Cash

It is also a good idea to have extra chargers for your family’s various digital belongings, as well as some cash stored away as you may not be able to access your bank accounts during a widespread electronic failure.

Ready with the Red Cross

If you are unsure or not comfortable putting emergency packs together, don’t worry. The American Red Cross has already done it for you and you can purchase pre-packaged kits and other emergency items from them – from personal kits to 3-day family bags, to winter auto emergency supplies, along with flashlights, radios, and other resources.

Photos and Documents

Make sure to include photos of each family member in your bags in the case your family gets separated. Also, copies of driver’s licenses, birth certificates, social security cards and other important legal IDs, should be included, along with bank, tax, school, and other legal documents in case your home suffers damage.

Extra Items in School Backpacks

While you are getting your family emergency preparations together is a great time to make a small emergency pack that your child can carry in their regular school backpack should they find themselves in a lockdown or other unforeseen school scenario. Obviously, this cannot weigh a lot and will be tucked away inconspicuously in their pack. Consider including:

  • Water
  • Protein snacks
  • Flashlight
  • Whistle
  • Blanket
  • Clean wipes or antibacterial gel
  • Family photos
  • Comfort item like a small stuffed animal

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