Green Ways to Stay Cool

As we head into the warmer months, it is time to think about ways to keep your family and pets cool, without compromising the efficiency of your home. Air conditioning is great, but when used continually it can be expensive and not so easy on the environment. Work with nature when it comes to meal time by utilizing an outdoor grille to keep your indoor temperature lower. Use the power of the sun and the wind to dry your clothes outside to minimize dryer use and save energy costs. Turn off the dry cycle on your dishwasher and let the dishes air-dry. Choosing eco-friendly alternatives can have a big impact on your utility bills and the environment.

Go Low Tech

Old-fashioned ceiling, pedestal and counter fans can help supplement your air conditioner by circulating the air in your home and keeping it at an even temperature, instead of having areas that are too cool or void of conditioned air. Cooking and drying the clothes outdoors will not only minimize your utility costs, it will also keep your indoor temperatures from being elevated and making your air conditioner have to work that much harder to keep your home comfortable.

Early morning is typically the coolest time of the day. Give your air conditioner a break and open the windows to save energy and allow fresh air into your home.

Natural Fibers

Just as you wear lighter colors and weights of clothing during the summer months, make sure your bedding is breathable. Cotton sheets are the best for helping to keep you cool when the temperatures climb. Before you retire for the night or start your day, taking a cool shower will lower your body temperature and make you more comfortable on hot days. Using less hot water will also save on energy costs.

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