How Home Makes You Happy

You know how owning a home is tied to the phrase “American Dream?” That’s because it is a measure of success on many levels. From a financial standpoint, it makes sense as each month you are working toward accumulating equity, with the ultimate goal of paying off your mortgage and owning your home outright. In our society, becoming a homeowner has traditionally been viewed as a mature, stable and responsible decision – a major mile marker in life. But owning a home brings emotional and psychological perks too. Where we live becomes a part of who we are, and when that place is stable, consistent and comfortable, it affects us internally, no matter our age.

Home is where many people say they feel the safest and secure. According to mental health professionals, being stable in your own home and knowing that you do not have to move – which is a major life change that can trigger upset for family members of all ages as adjustments to new jobs, different schools, and new communities are made – is worth its weight in gold for our psyches.

The Effect of Home for Children

Knowing they have home stability improves a child’s self-esteem, which helps them to have a strong sense of confidence and makes them better able to perform in school. As a result, they do better academically in school and get into better schools, which can lead to getting better jobs and earning more money.

Being raised in a stable home and community, where they get to remain in the same schools and to have a strong network of friends and neighbors provides a strong psychological and emotional foundation for a child as they grow up. They are less likely to get into trouble as teens and rates for remaining in school are better.

Home and Adults

As a parent, knowing you are providing such an important foundation for your children makes you happy and healthy, both emotionally and even physically. The sense of knowing that you have also achieved a major life accomplishment boosts your sense of well-being. It motivates you to care for and have a sense of pride in your home, which in turn extends to your neighborhood and to the community at large. People gain a sense of real connectedness and this has a positive effect on their behavior and choices.

A Family Unit

For a family, being stable in a home provides a sense of cohesiveness that each member carries into the community. And they are also seen as a strong unit. They become more involved in their community because it takes on a large meaning for each member. They tend to be more active because they care about where they live because they are invested. As a result, they also give back through activities like charitable causes, playing sports and coaching teams, and participating socially. Families who are established and active in the communities where they live often rise to be local leaders, who sometimes carry that momentum into the larger arena. No matter where we may go in life, as children grow into young adults and begin educations or take jobs in other areas – the home base they experienced provides them with a strong sense of identity.

When a family reaches this level of lifestyle, they truly are living the American Dream. C.A. Jones is in the business of offering this kind of stability through its many housing options for families, including its “express homes.” Call us to learn more about how we can put you in the home of your dreams.

Launched in 1995 by Chris Jones, C.A. Jones is the only women-centric builder in Southern Illinois. Our roots are in Southwestern Illinois, in several communities in Madison County. We have expanded south to build “express homes” in new communities in St. Clair and Montgomery counties. Contact us today to learn what we have to offer. With over 1,600 designs and unique features including drop zones, hidden prep areas and kid zones, we have a housing option to fit every family. We are ranked among the Top 15 largest home builders by St. Louis Business Journal. Our forward-thinking philosophy, business integrity, and superior customer service make us the right choice to build your next home.

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