How to Finish a Basement Like a Pro

Has your family expanded? Or do you work remotely? Perhaps you want to install a home gym, a fun play space for the kids, or some space for Mom or Dad to pursue a hobby and some quiet time. You may have a college graduate returning home for a while or an elderly parent who will be moving in with you. If your home is suddenly feeling a little smaller but there is no plan or budget to move, finishing your basement may be the perfect answer to adding more usable and livable space in your house.

Having a finished basement can add a lot to your home, but most are left untouched or not used to their full potential. Every family has a unique use for a finished basement space that can literally change the usable square footage of your home and your family’s lifestyle.

Before getting started, remember to plan any additional plumbing around the existing pipes, to save on installation costs, as well as leave the space around the water heater unfinished, in case of leaks. When it comes to design, basement spaces are most often left open-concept to give the impression of light and space, as there are generally not many windows and the space may be darker naturally.

Dos and Don’ts of Finishing a Basement

You will be building something from scratch and need to ensure it will remain dry. Good lighting, nice furniture, and some art can help people to forget they are even in a basement! Locate the more utilitarian functions of your home on the lower level. Designing an open-concept will help the space feel more spacious and provide for multi-functions.

  • Do master the art of open-concept
  • Do relocate the utilities (laundry, storage, and office) on the lower level
  • Don’t underestimate the depth of construction
  • Don’t forego the aesthetics

Oh, the Possibilities!

There are so many options for creating a whole new space in your home.

  • If you have a college graduate who needs to return to the nest while establishing a new career, or a parent or in-law who is advancing in years who you would like under your roof for easy access and care, building an apartment in the basement is easier and less costly than putting an addition on your house.
  • As your family grows, so do the toys and play products. Making a colorful, comfortable and fun playroom for your kids will make them feel special and take the stress off always having to clean up the toys in your upstairs family room.
  • More and more American workers are doing their jobs from home. A finished basement is a perfect location for a home office.
  • Maybe your family likes to entertain – building a bar in your basement can be the perfect adult playroom, while keeping the wear and tear of parties from the upstairs living areas. Or maybe Mom or Dad need a little independent hobby space – a man or woman cave may be just the serenity they desire.
  • Relocating your big-screens and music equipment to the lower level of your house will help keep the volume down upstairs, allow family members to enjoy their own genre of music without disturbing others, and make a fun family destination to enjoy a movie together.
  • Staying fit in a home gym could help you save you expensive gym memberships. And you won’t even have to commute or worry about traveling in inclement weather.

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