How to Make a New House Your Own

When you first buy a new house, the concept of turning it into a real home that offers comfort and meets and reflects your family’s lifestyle, can feel a bit daunting. However, adding a few pieces of furniture; experimenting with color; adding texture with rugs and curtains; and creating a designated play space for the kids will bring forth your personalities and add warmth to your new home. Most likely, this will be the only time you will have a blank canvas to work with – so make the most of it.

Personalize with Statement Pieces of Furniture

When adding décor, try building your rooms around statement pieces of furniture like a dining table and chairs or a fabulous sofa or modular seating center that offers the perfect spot for every family member. In the master bedroom, begin with a great bed and build your aesthetic from there. A large lighting fixture in the kitchen can serve as a focal point, setting the tone – whether it be industrial, modern, traditional or eclectic.

Adding Warmth with Sensory Elements

The quickest way to warm up a big empty space? Add sensory elements. Think texture: curtains and a fluffy rug will increase the cozy factor. Use scented candles to bring aroma and soft light to your space. Oil diffusers can add scent to make your family and friends feel at home. Instead of a TV going constantly, choose some soft background music and create a family-favorites play list.

Enhancing Visual Appeal with Color

An empty home is the perfect time to experiment with paint color and finishes to enhance the visual ambience of your house, bringing out the best in your furniture and creating the right mood for how you want to feel in your new space. You might consider starting with a palette of neutrals that build in intensity with your floor plan, or perhaps opt for pops of color, painting just one wall in a room in a bright hue. Start your color adventure by painting your new front door! Make it unique and welcoming.

There is no better opportunity to put some paint on the canvas of your home and see where it takes you. Paint is inexpensive and easy to change, especially when the house is still relatively open, if it doesn’t work.

Creating a Lifestyle

As you add furniture and décor, keep in mind how your family wants to live. If you have young children, designate a fun play area that is their personal space, where they feel comfortable and have easy access to toys and games. If you have a chef in the house, make sure to highlight their special pots and pans, using a statement rack to keep them within reach. Don’t forget your tech aficionado as you lay out a family media center with a wide screen, a great sound system and plenty of outlets and surfaces for your family’s favorite devices. Create a quiet reading room or nook with good lighting, stuffed chairs and some go-to texts on a shelf.

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