Picking the Perfect Paint Color

Wall color not only makes a strong visual statement in your home, but it can also impact how you feel in a space in terms of emotion and energy level. Whether your goal is to create rooms that are comforting, energizing, relaxing or inspiring – this is a decision you and your family can enjoy making together. Make no mistake, this can also be an intimidating prospect. A good place to begin is with a visit to your local hardware store, where you can browse palettes and purchase small samples of paint you can apply to your walls to discern if it is the right color. The process of painting an entire home can be eased with a palette approach that utilizes different shades of the same hue.

Whole-House Color Palette

If you want to keep a sense of spaciousness and flow in your home, you can achieve this with a whole-house color palette. Begin by observing your floor plan and determining which rooms are visible from others. Focus first on the largest space, usually the living or kitchen and dining area. Using a soft and natural palette will take much of the worry out of this process. Once you decide on the primary color for the largest space, you can then continue room by room, adding varying shades of the same hue.

Go Bold

If you enjoy color and are brave, think about using a totally out-of-the-box color in at least one room and perhaps applying the statement hue to only one wall if you think color on all walls may be too intense. Like a statement piece of furniture – one bold room or wall will speak volumes to family members and visitors alike.

Lighting Sources

Your paint color will be affected by the light in a room. Both the natural light that enters the room through windows and the lighting you install via fixtures will make a difference on your paint choice, so be sure to take this into consideration when selecting your color. Using samples and holding them up in different areas of your home may help determine if that color will complement the space.

But How Does It Make You Feel?

Never underestimate the power of color and its impact. It can make or break a design and a mood! In general, blues are soothing, greens are relaxing, and reds are energizing. But the shades used can definitely change the emotional response.

Take into consideration what actions will be undertaken when selecting an appropriate paint color. For example, a vibrant red in a bedroom is probably not going to encourage a restful sleep!

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