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At C.A. Jones, Inc., we value our relationship with our Realtor partners. We believe in delivering value and service not just to our customers, but to our business partners as well. That entails making working together easy and streamlined.

Our favorite check to write at closing is the commission check because it represents a family starting the rest of their life in a beautiful new home, which is so much more than just the sticks and bricks it is made of. It represents a lifestyle that our client wants to live and share with their family and friends, and as a team, we made that a reality for them.

Being a good partner also means making it easy to do business together. We benefit our Realtor partners and their clients through transaction management, reducing potential appraisal issues, eliminate bidding wars, ensuring no money surprises, allowing our customers to customize the home to their desired lifestyle, no deferred maintenance through our industry best warranties and so much more.

We appreciate and look forward to the opportunity to work together. Please feel free to register your clients with us by filling out this simple form.

Client Registration Form

  • Please e-mail us the name of your client and we will automatically register them under your name. You do not have to accompany them to our Open houses or Lifestyle Centers (Model Homes).

  • Please note this registration will be good for 30 days, if your client does not visit one of our locations in that period you will need to register them again. We pay a 2.5% commission on any pre-sold homes and a 2.25% commission on any Express (Spec) homes that go under contract, unless otherwise noted in the MLS.

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