C.A. Jones, Inc believes in leading the way in our industry, so we have introduced solar PV systems as a standard feature in our Women Centric line of homes.  

We know that homes need to be built environmentally friendly with sustainability in mind.  So that meant building our homes with smaller carbon footprint became a priority for us.

We set out to reduce the cost of a home solar system to be equivalent to that of a nice set of kitchen appliances.  By making them a standard we have made solar not just a luxury option but an affordable part of our homes.

By including solar PV systems in our homes we have reduced the carbon footprint by 50% - 70% and more!

We have also greatly reduced the energy costs of our homes.  Our standard building methods enhanced by adding solar PV systems to our homes, saves our homeowners thousands of dollars  per year in energy costs.

Look for this logo to see which homes will have solar PV systems on them:

We have set a goal of installing 1 Megawatt worth of solar PV production in our homes in the next 5 years, and together with our customers we can make that a reality.  That is equivalent to planting 312 acres of forest per year, or taking over 160 vehicles a year off the road. 

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