Spring Entertaining

When the weather warms, everyone is ready to enjoy the great outdoors. This is a great time of year to show off your new home to family and friends, integrate nature into your entertaining, and create a fun gathering. Think bright, easy and light! Nature can supply a lot, if not most, of the elements needed. Sunshine, flowers and home-grown produce showcase springtime entertaining. Moving the party outdoors to a deck or yard automatically sets a more casual and less fussy tone, enabling the hosts to be more relaxed, too!

Decorate with Nature

Create festive centerpieces simply by putting flowers and fruit in a bowl together – think daisies and lemons. Using what you have on hand and in your yard helps cut down on having to buy all the elements which will cut the labor time substantially. In the evening, lighting can keep the party going by using simple strands of lights in the trees and around decks and patios while also supplementing with candles on the tables.

Warm weather entertaining is simpler all around – from the food, to the decorations and the activities. Mason jars can serve double and triple duty as vases, utensil keepers and the perfect glass for summer lemonade. Create a welcoming vignette on your front porch, directing visitors to the rear yard or deck. Set up an old-fashioned badminton net or bocce set to encourage physical activity with just a little bit of competitive edge, that won’t have your guests overheating.

Create unique favors for guests to take with them, such as little bundles of your own flowers placed in mason jars or wrapped in simple butcher paper.

Lunch Not Dinner

Hosting a casual lunch event means there is less time involved. You can host friends and family and have your home put back together in time for a quiet family evening playing games, ordering pizza and watching a movie.

Festive Food

Preparing food on an outdoor grille or smoker keeps the kitchen clean and there are always plenty of volunteers who want to stand by and oversee the process! Skewers of vegetables, seafood and meat provide for easy eating and great color presentation. Freeze edible flowers for ice cubes or float berries in beverages to add a wow factor to a glass of simple lemonade.

Let summer desserts take center stage by putting them on a pedestal with see through glass. Again, plan for simple tasks and presentations that create a fun aesthetic with little time and labor investment. This ensures the hosts have a good time at the gathering, with plenty of time to visit with guests.

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