Start Your Holiday Clean-Up Before the Holidays

It is a joy to open your home and welcome friends and family members for festive holiday celebrations. In order to keep stress levels down so you can enjoy the merriments, it is a good idea to begin cleaning your home ahead of time. You might want to delegate chores to other family members. Maybe the older kids can clean and tidy their own rooms, so you don’t need to even include those rooms on your to-do list. Even the smallest family members can put some toys in the toy box or storage containers! Adults can divide their tasks into two main categories – organizing and cleaning. Try tackling the largest jobs first and leave the little touch-ups until the last minute, just as guests ring the doorbell.

Go for a Streamlined Aesthetic

Guests love a streamlined aesthetic. So, get rid of the clutter on your kitchen and bathroom counters and remove any other unnecessary items – especially in rooms where they may be staying. Think functional but festive. You can always return items after the season is over, or you might find you enjoy life with less stuff.

The Major Clean

If you are super organized and have the time to dedicate an entire week to getting your home ready to host holiday guests, here is a plan for you. Once you have decluttered and organized your home, you will be amazed at how much faster it is to clean without having to move so much stuff around as you clean. Concentrate on three main areas – the entryway, the bathrooms and kitchen.

Entryway – This is the first impression your guests have when entering and you want to make it a good one. Make sure the floor is clear of debris and has been freshly swept or vacuumed. Any glass in your entry doors should be clear and free of smudges. There should be a designated area for guests to place coats and boots. And don’t forget to add some festive touches to your foyer.

Bathrooms – These should be stocked with plenty of extra paper goods and towels that are visible and easily accessible to guests. Counters should be clear and wiped clean. Also pay attention to the toilet, floor and tubs. The mirror should be clean and don’t forget to open your medicine cabinet to see if it passes the guest test.

Kitchen – You will probably be preparing and cooking several dishes when company comes. But before you dive into the recipe book, clean and deodorize the refrigerator, wipe down all your cabinets, and make sure your oven and stove top have been cleaned. The garbage disposal should be cleaned and deodorized and all trash should be removed from the kitchen. Any aromas that are left in your kitchen should be of the great-tasting food you are preparing.

You will want to do a whole-house vacuum and wipe-down of all surfaces. If you have pets, make sure there is no visible hair.

Get the Holiday Best Ready

If you are a formal entertainer who uses special holiday china and stemware, like the real silver and holiday trays, be sure to get the items out of their storage areas and make sure they are cleaned, polished, and ready for use. Make sure you have all the items you need for a bar set-up – alcohol, mixers, accessories and ice. Set your elegant table before going to bed and you will get to enjoy it all day as you cook and tidy-up the rest of the house.

Last Minute Christmas Clean-Up

Maybe you spent too much time at the shops looking for the perfect gifts, got stuck in traffic or made a big mess of your kitchen preparing your favorite holiday recipes. Whatever the reason that time has flown by, before you know it, guests will be arriving, and Santa will be on his way down the chimney! Have no fear – there is still hope in keeping yourself off the naughty list.

Concentrate your last-minute efforts on the entryway to your home, the kitchen and the bathrooms. Then, grab a multi-purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth and wipe all visible surfaces.  If guests feel welcome as they enter, your bathrooms are clean, and the kitchen is picked up and full of enticing aromas – they won’t even notice the rest of the house!

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