The Value of a Kitchen Island

Islands have become a breath of fresh air in the heart of many homes, the kitchen! They are extremely versatile, evolving over the decades stylistically to provide features unique to your family’s lifestyle. Practically, they provide a central workspace, loads of extra storage space, additional seating for casual family meals and add resale value to your home. The aesthetic options as an expression of personal style are virtually endless: pops of color, contrasting countertop, unique seating and stool options, or an artisan-made light fixture or impressive pot and pan holder – they can become the focal point of your entire kitchen.

Island Benefits

Not only do kitchen islands add function to your home, providing extra workspace, storage, and seating – they add beauty, reflecting whatever style you choose. Beyond these benefits though, they add resale value to your home – especially when they contain features like an extra sink, enhancing your “kitchen triangle.”

Reflecting Personal Style

Rustic, modern, farmhouse, sleek-industrial, eclectic-vintage – whatever your personal style, islands are a good place to reveal your tastes. Color, use of materials, seating, or stools all provide a way to add personal touches to your kitchen and the vibe it communicates.

Items you display also reflect your lifestyle. Whether it be a gorgeous vase full of fresh flowers, an overflowing fruit bowl providing healthy snack options for kids at an arm’s reach, or a collection of family photos, the island becomes the center of a family’s daily life!

Modern Storage Options

Vintage islands used to provide more storage via a continuation of the type of cabinets already in your kitchen. Today, cabinet designs included in an island are open to interpretation on how to best serve your family. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Pet feeding or resting nooks conveniently tucked under island countertops, so your pet can be comfortable near where the family spends time.
  • Open shelving that reflects the industrial type of shelving that has become popular.
  • Deep drawers instead of cabinets that are easier to access.
  • A place to tuck an extra food-prep sink (especially helpful when there is more than one cook).
  • Slide-out refrigerator drawers that provide easy access to beverages and kid snacks, or wine and cheese supplies for entertaining.
  • An under-counter shelf for a microwave or a cookbook nook.
  • Outfitted with extra outlets, they can become a comfy digital perch for your kids to do homework, where you can keep one another company as dinner is prepared.
  • Built-in but discreet recycling bins.
  • Appliance garages

Visit our online Idea Gallery for more ideas and inspiration on how to include an island in the kitchen design of your dream home!

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